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Five spice ideal for Chinese stir fries

Five spice has been recommended by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Five-spice is a "wonder-ingredient" that helps to improve the flavour of Chinese stir-fries, one celebrity chef has observed.

Writing for the Guardian, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall noted the substance is great for making a marinade to be used in a beef dish that is both healthy and easy to prepare.

"The beef can happily sit in the fridge in its marinade for up to five hours, leaving you with just a few minutes of cooking when lunchtime comes," he observed.

To make the stir-fried beef with greens and noodles, chefs will need five-spice, garlic, a red chilli, fresh ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar and rice vinegar for the marinade, as well as lean beef, a nest of noodles and spring greens that have been de-stemmed and shredded.

Once the beef has been marinated, it should be stir-fried for around two minutes, before adding the greens, some of the leftover marinade and cooked noodles.

Spices are also a key part of a roasted pheasant recipe recently suggested by Stevie Parle in the Daily Telegraph, which requires allspice, cinnamon and pine nuts.

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