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Expert says Mediterranean diets can reduce health risks

Mediterranean foods may have health benefits

Mediterranean recipes may be perfect for those who feel as though they need to improve their diets.

Dr Carina Norris Rntr, a nutrition consultant and scientific researcher, said there are a number of foods in this type of cuisine that have health benefits.

She explained that the antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of heart disease and protect arteries, as well as helping to prevent cancer.

Furthermore, they can ensure people do not get overweight, which itself eliminates a number of health risks associated with obesity, Dr Norris continued.

"There's a lot more information out there, but it's sometimes difficult for people to tease out what's important," the expert stated, adding that more needs to be done to encourage individuals to make "healthy choices" when they are shopping or eating out.

Her comments come after a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology revealed a Mediterranean diet has a positive effect on blood pressure levels and glucose metabolism.

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