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Different salt varieties an option for chefs

There are numerous different types of salt available

Trying out different types of salt is one way chefs may be able to put a fresh take on beef or chicken recipes.

According to Kerstin Rodgers, a writer for the Guardian's Word of Mouth Blog, there is a wide variety of the condiments that goes beyond the fine pouring salt found in many kitchens.

"Enthusiastic home cooks and chefs have long eschewed the fine pouring salt to be found in greasy salt shakers in caffs the country over," Ms Rodgers remarked, adding "salt snobs" opt for the varieties that can be sourced from various countries around the world, which offer different colours, textures and flavours.

She noted she often brings back salt from a trip to France, such as sel gris - a moist sea salt with a grey hue that is ideal for cooking - or Fleur de sel, which is better suited to sprinkling over dishes.

Britons many want to consider checking the use-by date of salt and other condiments they have in their cupboards, as My Kitchen Table recently revealed the average household is home to nine out-of-date items.

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