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Demand for humanely sourced ingredients set to rise

Humanely sourced foods are set to be popular

Humanely-sourced ingredients and breakfast pizzas are just two of the food trends chefs may be set to serve up in 2011.

This is according to Chris Macias of the Sacramento Bee, who has outlined some of the new developments expected to be seen in the US culinary industry over the coming months.

He noted so-called humane foods, where the animal is given a comfortable life before being slaughtered, is "emerging as a hot topic".

Food trends expert Phil Lempert was quoted by the news source as saying such foods could be set to surpass their organic counterparts for use in chicken recipes or beef recipes, adding: " What we've discovered is people are being more conscious about where their food comes from and a new focus on humane."

Mr Macias also predicted a resurgence of nostalgic ethnic foods - a trend that could also take hold in the UK - as well as demand for breakfast pizzas, which are forecast to become a popular choice at morning eateries.

One creative cuisine dish that is gaining a following in the UK is pho bo, the unofficial national food of Vietnam that consists of flat rice noodles, shreds of meat and spring onions, the Daily Telegraph reports.

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