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Culinary spices help add flavour without the fat

Spices add flavour to dishes

Using culinary spices in a meal can add bags of flavour and help new year dieters to fight cravings for fatty and indulgent foods, it has been suggested.

When preparing low-fat pasta recipes or other "skinny meals", dieters may find themselves unsatisfied and tempted to eat the "naughty foods" they have been avoiding since Christmas, but using culinary spices can help make a meal feel more satisfying, said the Forres Gazette.

The source urged people to "add a little spice to proceedings in order to freshen up your palate".

Dieters were told that herbs and spices such as cumin, sage, basil and dill are included in some of the world's most popular dishes.

"It is no coincidence that most professional chefs will have ample stock of a huge variety of herbs and spices available to them," it noted.

One pasta dish that uses amply culinary spices and can be tweaked to be healthier is spaghetti bolognese, which can be made with low-fat lean mince, brown pasta and fresh vegetables.

Eric Rappaport, writing for the Upper Saucon Patch, recently urged cooks to make sure their culinary spices are fresh, as stale ingredients can ruin the flavour of a meal.

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