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Culinary herbs used to create Shehnai Gosht

A wide variety of culinary spices are used in the recipe

A variety of different herbs and spices are required to make a dish that is served at one of London's most popular Indian restaurants.

The Chor Bizarre attracts a large number of Indians living in the city - an indication of the quality of its Indian recipes - and the Shehnai Gosht may be perfect for those who want to try their hand at making more creative cuisine.

It consists of a lamb shank that is coated and cooked in a sauce that contains a range of culinary herbs, including coriander, cumin, ginger, green cardamom, red chilli powder, cinnamon and green chilli.

Once the meat has cooked, it is garnished with green cardamom powder, chopped mint leaves and kasoori methi, before being served with pilau rice and Indian breads.

Chor Bizarre, which takes its name from South Mumbai's Chor Bazaar - or thieves' market - is located in Mayfair.

It also operates two restaurants in India, in Delhi and Noida.

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