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Chefs urged to monitor spice quality

Spices should be stored in a sealed container

Chefs need to keep track of how long spices have been in their kitchen to ensure the quality of their dishes does not suffer because of out-of-date ingredients, it has been suggested.

Noelle Carter, manger of the test kitchen at the Los Angeles Times, noted most spices will last a couple of years before they begin to lose their flavour and emphasised the importance of storing them correctly.

Jars used to hold the ingredients need to be kept "tightly sealed", she stated, adding they should be kept "in a cool, dry place, away from moisture".

"Whenever I open a new spice jar, I date the back so I can keep tabs on how long it's been open," Ms Carter remarked, adding she has an annual check of the collection to make sure they still have their original colour, taste and smell.

A study by Global Industry Analysts recently revealed the world's spice market is likely to expand over the next for years, with the Latin America market forecast to see the biggest growth.

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