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Boned pheasant preserves the meats flavour

Stevie Parle has advised leaving the meat on the bone

Leaving a pheasant on the bone while cooking helps preserve the flavour of the meat, according to one chef.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Stevie Parle advised those planning on making a Kashmiri pheasant curry to keep the joint in place, even though doing so makes the dish "a little tricky to eat".

Chefs wanting to try out the recipe will need a variety of culinary herbs and spices, including cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom pods, ground spices and Kashmiri chilli powder.

The pheasant needs to be cooked in a wide casserole dish and care must be taken to ensure the meat does not dry during the hour it is in the oven.

"It should be thick and intense and the meat soft," Mr Parle remarked.

He recently outlined a recipe for pheasant roasted in spices and pomegranate molasses and stuffed with pilaf for the Telegraph, which requires allspice, cinnamon and pine nuts.

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