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Spice pork for a Thai style dish

Spices can help create a Thai dish

Researching the culinary traditions of other cultures is a great way of getting new ideas to bring new creative cuisine to your restaurant's menu.

Chef Steve - resident expert at Schwartz for Chef - says this is one of his key professional inspirations.

In an article for the Guardian, celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recommended using culinary spices such as chilli and coriander with pork for a Thai-inspired method of serving the meat.

He suggested finding "the freshest, sweetest, crispest lettuce leaves you can find" for the best results, adding that it is a "lovely Thai combo of highly seasoned pork with lettuce leaves".

Preparation involved simply serving herbs and spices to complement the meat after it has already been cooked.

However, professional caterers could bring their own unique twist to the dish by cooking - or even marinating it - in an exciting new combination of culinary spices of your own creation.

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