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Serve grilled lamb with spicy chilli

Chilli works very well with grilled meat

One way in which caterers can keep things fresh on the menu is to bring their own unique twist to old favourites.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, we really advocate this kind of culinary innovation - and it can also set your restaurant apart from the crowd and keep diners coming back for more.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, owner of London's Dock Kitchen restaurant Stevie Parle recommended adding culinary spices to a grilled lamb.

He also made a serving suggestion of including chillies with courgettes in order to complement the meat.

There is plenty of room for innovation in a dish such as this - caterers can try simply adding their own flavour pairings of spices or herbs to the meat.

So don't be afraid to really push the envelope and include spices that might not usually be brought together - you never know what taste sensations you might uncover.

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