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Nigel Slater experiments with basil

Nigel Slater experiments with basil

Culinary herbs such as basil and parsley are often pigeon-holed. People will reach for them reflexively when cooking - for example when creating an Italian pasta sauce or a fresh potato salad.

But being rigid with how you use your herbs and spices can stop you from discovering new flavour combinations and breathing life into old recipes by giving them a new twist.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater recently showed budding chefs that being flexible does not necessarily undermine the quality of a recipe.

In the Observer, the cook outlined his recipe for courgettes with bacon gremolata. He noted that he normally uses chopped rosemary, parsely and lemon zest to flavour the other ingredients.

However, he noted that throwing in some basil can change the dish completely. He even suggested replacing the rashers of bacon with mushrooms to make the recipe suitable for vegetarians.

Steve Love, concept development chef at the McCormick Flavour Group, said that experimenting like this is one of the things that made him pursue a career in cookery.

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