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Marinate a chicken satay with spices

Spices are essential for a marinade

There are a range of uses for culinary spices that ensure they really are an essential staple in the kitchen.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, our resident expert Chef Steve says one of his favourite things about the herbs and spices is the fact that they can bring out the natural flavour of other ingredients.

However, in the case of certain foods - such as chicken - they can go even further and enhance the taste to create something truly distinctive.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Annabel Karmel recommended marinating chicken in a mixture of chilli and ginger in order to prepare a satay dish.

The expert is widely known as the author of numerous children's food and nutrition books, but has now turned her attention to adult food - although she says her recipes are great for expectant mothers.

Professional chefs could bring their own unique twist to this dish and any other by coming up with their own exciting new combinations of herbs and spices.

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