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Switch to homemade tofu for lighter meals advises leading chef

Tofu dishes can be creamy but light advises top chef

Award-winning chef Douglas Keane has said tofu can provide a better eating experience with creative cuisine as it isn't as heavy as other ingredients.

Speaking to Food & Wine magazine, the chef explained how he came about making his own tofu for his Cyrus restaurant in California.

"I started making tofu after I noticed that so many of my customers were skipping dessert," Mr Keane commented.

"They were just too full after ordering foie gras, then risotto, then a cheese course. That's not how I want to feed people."

He explained that fresh tofu was both "rich and creamy" yet light, adding that it is easy to make at home.

The Vegetarian Society suggests trying its Smoked Bean Curd Bakes with Shiitake and Walnut Stuffing.

Alongside three packets of tofu are celery sticks, onions, garlic cloves and cashew nuts, seasoned with turmeric, basil, thyme, and the Japanese soy sauce tamari.

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