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Sainsburys chef offers up Thai style baked trout recipe

Sainsburys chef details Thai trout recipe

Sainsbury's chef Arlene Thompson has given out her recipe for Thai-style baked trout with culinary herbs

The regional community food and health manager for Sainsbury's Try Team advised home cooks to try her recipe for oven or barbeque cooking.

Season four whole ready-to-eat rainbow trout with coriander, red chillies, lemon grass, sea salt and black pepper, advises Ms Thompson.

Once seasoned, the trout should be placed on a baking tray, with a lemon squeezed over it, and put in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 190C, or gas mark 5, for 20 minutes.

The Try Team chef told the Antrim Times: "Remember not to overcook fish to prevent it from being dry and ruining the flavour - it is best to remove the fish from the heat just before it is fully cooked.

"The residual heat in the pan or grill will be enough to finish cooking, and will result in a moist and perfectly cooked fish"

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