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Nutrition is vital for effective exercise say experts

Culinary spices can liven up strict post workout diets

Healthy recipes with culinary seasonings are "very important" for exercising, according to the Great Britain Powerlifting Federation. 

Director Ian Kinghorn emphasised the importance of low-fat, high-protein diets for bodybuilding workouts.

"Everybody that's making a weight class is trying to maximise the muscle mass [and] the muscle density," he said, adding: "These guys are not over-exceeding their carbohydrates [and they are] cutting down on … all the junk, all the stuff that you tend to crave for - sugar and all that type of stuff."

Men's Health Magazine recommends a post workout meal of salmon seasoned with chili powder, curry powder and garlic, served with basmati rice, spinach and onions.

"Rice contains two types of starch - amylopectic and amylose," commented nutritionist Drew Price. "The first is quick-release energy, the second is slow-release. Basmati contains a lot more of the preferable latter, limiting the fatigue after a big, starchy meal."

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