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Nigel Slaters lamb cutlets with strawberry dessert

Chef Slater shares his strawberry mint and raspberry recipe

Cookbook author and professional chef Nigel Slater has shared his adventurous recipe for lamb cutlets with crumbs and anchovies. 

In his article with the Guardian, Mr Slater suggests making the dish by first grating bread into large crumbs and cooking them in oil until they begin turning gold.

With the heat turned off, add cleaned and chopped anchovy fillets and some sultanas to the pan, then season the mixture with chopped parsley, freshly ground black pepper and sea salt.

Grate some orange zest into the crumbs then squeeze in some juice and pour the mixture into a bowl, finally return the pan to the heat and fry the cutlets quickly.

Heat the crumbs in the pan as the cutlets finish up and serve immediately.

As an accompanying dessert, Mr Slater suggests trying his strawberries with mint and raspberry sugar.

This is made by putting sugar and mint into a food processor until the herb is chopped very finely, add the raspberries and "blitz very briefly".

Slice the strawberries and cover in the sugar mixture, tossing gently, and set aside for 20 minutes before serving.

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