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Landscape designer encourages home grown herbs

Simple herbs can be grown inside a bag of potting soil if space is scarce

Landscape designer and gardener Sheri Silver has advised chefs to try growing their own culinary herbs.

Ms Silver told the Idaho Statesman that it's important for green-thumbed chefs to pick the flowers off their herbs, such as basil and mint, to ensure that the plant continues growing leaves.

"Herbs need lots of sun to thrive," she says. "Other than that, water them regularly and you should have a bounty in no time!"

However, budding chefs with little to no outdoor space attached to their homes have been advised to try growing herbs right out of a bag of potting soil.

In particular, oregano, parsley and sage were recommended for such a project.

This follows a recent report by seed company Burpee, which said that herb gardens were becoming the top trend of 2011.

"Interest in herbs has been growing steadily the last few years," says chief executive George Ball. "But this year, herbs are all the rage." 

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