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Home cooking always beats restaurants says chef

Home cooking is often better than restaurants says chef

US chef Sara Jenkins has told budding cooks that home cooking with culinary herbs will always beat "over-sauced" and "over-salted" restaurant meals. 

Italian chef and owner of New York City sandwich shop Porchetta, Ms Jenkins believes that home cooking with herbs, such as basil, oregano and rosemary, is the height of food.

"I like to say that my success as a professional cook is about putting out home-style food in a restaurant setting," she told the Atlantic.

The self-taught chef said she was disturbed that the modern restaurant-going public has been taught to believe that restaurant-style cuisine is the highest level of cooking.

She continued: "It's over-sauced and over-salted and over-rich, because the only thing restaurant chefs have to worry about is that the food tastes exquisite on the table. They don't have to worry about whether you should eat less salt and fat or eat more vegetables."

Ms Jenkins explained that restaurants tried to transform ordinary food into exquisite meals and that professional chefs did this with "copious amounts" of butter, salt and stocks. 

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