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Good herbs are essential for Italian cuisine claim chefs

Italian chefs say the right herbs are vital for authentic cuisine

Good culinary herbs are "necessary" to create real Italian cuisine, according to the chefs at Pane e Vino.

The family-owned, California-based restaurant is headed by Rome-native Antonio Chillico, who prides himself on the use of basil, parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano.

"Fresh herbs and spices are necessary to create a real Italian culinary experience," his son, chef Claudio Chillico, told the Sun News.

His wife, Anna Chillico, added: "The taste, the taste… It gives the food taste and flavours it, so you can feel the love of the food."

Dietician Carol Bareuther recently praised herbs for their potential health benefits.

She explained that oils in basil restricted the growth of bacteria, while rosemary helps to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and dill can slow the development of tumours.

For chefs dabbling with basil, she advised: "The oils in basil are volatile so it's best to add this herb near the end of cooking for maximum flavour. Basil complements garlic, olives and olive oil."

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