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French chef hands back Michelin star

A gourmet French restaurant returns to basics

Most chefs would be happy to be honoured with a Michelin star for its creative cuisine, but France's Le Lista has decided it is better off without it. 

First awarded the star in 2006, the restaurant boomed in popularity and prices soared, according to chef Olivier Douet, however, the Nimes-based haunt soon fell on hard times after the 2008 crash.

Now the restaurant hopes to appeal to a broader group and transform itself into a more informal brasserie, allowing it to cut costs.

He told newspaper Le Parisien: "In a starred restaurant, there is one waiter for five to six people. With a brasserie, a waiter can look after twenty to thirty customers."
Chef Douet shared some key recipes with French TV station France 3, such as his cod and green asparagus.

The cod and bacon main dish is served with asparagus and seasoned with basil and garlic.

Additionally, his roast lamb with olive crust is a simply prepared lamb saddle garnished with thyme and chicken stock.

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