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Cookbook author recommends experimenting with allspice

Allspice encompasses the aromas of cinnamon and cloves

Experimenting with allspice could add an extra dimension to your cooking and help you create adventurous recipes, according to a renowned cookbook author.

Writing for the Seattle Times, Monica Bhide said allspice is used to flavour many Jamaican, Lebanese, Mexican and Indian dishes.

"If you wanted to add one new spice to your repertoire, I would suggest allspice," she remarked.

The aroma is reminiscent of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves combined and the spice itself comes from the berries of tropical evergreen trees.

Ms Bhide, whose book include The Spice is Right, said allspice is used as a chief component in jerk seasoning and is often added to stews.

"Using allspice is really simple," she insisted. "You can add it pretty much anywhere you want - bold, sweet and savoury flavours."

She said she has added it to hot chocolate and cakes, as well as soups, lentil dishes, kebabs and barbecue sauces.

It can also be used to jazz up salads and create an intriguing flavour.

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