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Chef reveals his favourite grilling spices

Herbs and spices can bring out the flavour of grilled meats

Chef Bryan Dooley has advised cooks on how to properly use culinary spices for grilling meats.

Speaking to AZ Central, the chef of Black Mountain Barbecue suggested grilling steaks and burgers with a simple mixture of salt, black pepper, and granulated garlic.

"This simple approach really allows the flavour of the meat to shine through," he explained.

However, Mr Dooley encouraged home chefs to let their imagination "go wild" and choose spices that relate to the flavours of the environment the meat comes from, such as sage and juniper to season a bison steak.

He added: "Garlic, chilli powders, coriander, sage and allspice are great classic grill spices that I definitely recommend for a traditional barbecue flavour."

The chef went on to suggest that herbs be used with chickens and fish, particularly rosemary, thyme and dill.

"And don't be afraid to add plenty of garlic!"

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