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Chef issues herb freshness tips

TV chef offers advice on keeping herbs fresh

US TV chef Donna Desfor has advised budding cooks on how to preserve their fresh culinary herbs.

Speaking to Fox 43, she advised that fresh green herbs, such as parsley and coriander, be thoroughly shaken over a sink to remove any excess droplets of water on the leaves, followed by loosely wrapping the greens in paper towels and storing them in an open plastic bag.

"Your greens need moisture, not wetness, and circulating air to remain fresh and crisp," Ms Desfor explained.

Additionally, the chef advised that fresh basil should be planted in a narrow tumbler in order to keep the remaining roots moist.

She also suggested that fresh herbs should be taken out of any sealed packages and, if dry, pressed on with a damp paper towel.

Finally, she told home cooks not to wash the herbs before they were ready to be used.

She warned: "Water is what will ultimately begin the breakdown and decay of your greens." 

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