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Basil top summer herb says expert

Basil is the leading herb of the summer according to horticultural expert

Dr Gary Bachman has extolled the use of basil, saying that "nothing beats" the culinary herb in summer recipes. 

In a report by the Rankin Ledger, the professor of horticulture praised the herb for its variety of colours, textures and flavours, describing it as a "showpiece".

He outlined the breeds of basil that many people don't know about, such as the lettuce leaf variety with leaves "as big as a man's hand", which he suggested chefs try as a replacement for traditional lettuce in sandwiches.

For cooks eager to develop a green thumb and grow their own basil he touted the plant as a great visual feature.

Dr Bachman advised: "You should also deadhead faded basil flowers if you are growing it for cooking. This keeps plants producing tasty leaves rather than seeds."

According to dietician Carol Bareuther, herbs such as basil, thyme and rosemary have a variety of health benefits, from reducing the growth of harmful bacteria, to helping relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and even slowing the growth of tumours.

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