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Slowest cooked pizza baked in a car

Slowest cooked pizza baked in a car

Pizza is often associated with fast food. With the right culinary herbs and spices, you can put together a fresh pizza in less than 20 minutes.

That's from chopping the first mushroom to cutting the first piping-hot slice.

So whether a US pizza parlour's slow-cooked pizza that was baked on the dashboard of a car will catch on remains to be seen.

The pizza was placed on the dash of a car outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, pizza outlet the Minuteman Pizza Parlour.

So how long did it take to bake in the front of a car? Approximately three hours.

In a video showcasing the slow-cooked treat, a member of staff from the parlour says: "Let's see if it's crusty.

"It is! Let's take it inside."

For the perfect pizza, you need the right herbs, a good tomato sauce and some top-quality toppings.

And in the UK it is very unlikely you will be able to cook a pizza in the front of a car - even during the hottest of summers.

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