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Donna Hay on becoming a food ico

Donna Hay on becoming a food icon

Celebrity recipe oracle Donna Hay claims that hard work and practice are what got her where she is today in the world of cookery.

No doubt she was helped along the way by a dazzling array of culinary spices and herbs, but it was her simple philosophy and desire for fresh ingredients that kept her on track.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald,no comma  while on the red carpet at the Astra Awards, she said: "I just worked hard. I had a very simple philosophy of trying to get people interested in cooking at home. It's an easy philosophy.

"A couple of fresh ingredients and hopefully people can get dinner on the table in about 20 minutes."

She adheres to the principals extolled by most TV chefs - who have less than 20 minutes to turn around a dish for their viewers - which revolve around keeping it simple and not being afraid to experiment.

"Start simple, accomplish great things and keep going," she concluded.

Ainsley Harriott, who is also out in Australia at the moment, said that his focus is on preparing quick, tasty family meals.

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