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Add juniper berries and cinnamon to pea and ham soup

Add cinnamon and juniper berries to soup

The starter menu of many restaurants is often characterised by a range of staple soup options - but how can a chef ensure their offerings really stand apart from the crowd?

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that culinary spices are a great way to bring out the natural flavour of other ingredients and bring something new to a wide range of dishes.

In an article for the Guardian, food blogger The Skint Foodie recommended the use of cinnamon sticks and juniper berries in the preparation of a pea and ham soup.

Bay leaves and parsley were also among the ingredients, so there is no doubt this would be a truly distinctive take on the classic.

Here at Schwartz, we really advocate culinary innovation, so why not adapt this with your own unique flavour pairings of culinary herbs?

Cinnamon is usually associated with sweets, so its appearance in a soup shows how open to experimentation any recipe is - so don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

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