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Veggie rich cooks given pickling advice

Food writer offers up ways to preserve vegetables

Home cooks with an abundance of fruit and vegetables have been encouraged to try pickling their produce with culinary herbs by food writer Phil Daoust.

Writing in his column in the Guardian, Mr Daoust offers up his tips for pickling a wide variety of fruit and veg, such as courgettes, lettuce and tomatoes.

To make the best pickled courgettes he suggests adding in chilli powder, garlic granules, sugar, salt, mustard grains, dill and tarragon.

Additionally, chefs are advised to try pickle cucumbers with white vinegar, dill, black peppercorns and salt.

However, rhubarb makes a good chutney, according to the expert foodie, who suggests that cooks simmer the produce for a long time with salt, vinegar, spices, sugar and ginger.

Mr Daoust explained that it was important to find something that can extend the life of your fruits and vegetables.

"Fruit and veg arrives in great big perishable waves, and even if you're buying it, the best deals often require you to buy far more than you can handle," he commented.

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