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Replace sugar with spice for a healthy dessert

Desserts need not be filled with sugar to be delicious

Cooks who are looking for healthy desserts may want to consider using culinary spices instead of sugar in their recipes.

Writing in the Independent, Rebecca Hardy reveals that some chefs are serving up "guilt-free" desserts by coming up with ways to leave out sugar.

The writer cites Agnar Sverrisson's Valrhona white chocolate mousse, ice cream, dill and cucumber as one example, as it contains no eggs or cream and minimal sugar.

Ms Hardy describes the dessert as "deliciously light and vivacious", with a "creamy and smooth" texture and "bursts of freshness".

Sverrisson, a Michelin-starred Icelandic chef who is keen to produce healthy dishes, tells her: "Everywhere I go I think desserts are too sweet. We just don't need to use that much sugar, we can get it from other sources.

"My desserts are not totally healthy. There will always be something that is not good for you, but by bringing in other ingredients, such as spices and vinegar, we can significantly reduce the sugar."

The chef uses a number of ingredients to reduce his reliance on sugar, such as ginger, lemon grass and lemon verbena.

Consumers may also want to try using sweetener instead of sugar. For instance, the Diabetes UK website contains a recipe for apple cinnamon cake, which uses plain flour, sweetener, ground cinnamon, baking powder, eggs, skimmed milk, low-fat spread and apples.

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