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Ostrich eggs perfect for experimental cooks

Egg fans may like to try an ostrich egg

Cooks who are looking for something a little unusual to prepare with their culinary herbs and spices may want to bring home an ostrich egg.

According to Waitrose, the unusually large eggs are proving popular in-store, despite their £19.95 price tag.

The supermarket's chief egg buyer, Frances Westerman, told the Daily Mail: "We have lots of customers who like to experiment with their cooking. Ostrich eggs offer the perfect opportunity to add a bit of fun and theatre to a dinner party.

"We've stocked ostrich eggs ... for a couple of years now and they have proved pretty popular."

Ostrich eggs weigh around 2kg and contain the equivalent of 24 large chicken's eggs.

Writer Mandy Francis decided to boil her ostrich egg - a process that takes 50 minutes for a soft-boiled egg and 90 minutes to hard-boil.

However, there are plenty of other ways to serve an ostrich egg, such as Oliver Rowe's recipe for sliced ostrich egg with a sauce made with capers, pine nuts, breadcrumbs, tarragon and garlic, which is available on the BBC Food website.

Another way to prepare ostrich egg could simply be to scramble it with milk and chives.

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