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Junk food companies slammed for child marketing

Junk food isnt in kids interests says expert Jamie Oliver offers salad tips

Tam Fry, of the national Obesity Forum and Child Growth Foundation, has called on food firms to put an end to marketing junk food to children.

Speaking of the methods used by food companies to sell junk food to children through online games and social media websites, Mr Fry branded the companies as "despicable".

"[Food firms] are taking advantage of the vulnerability of children in order to peddle their products. It is junk food that is clearly against the best interests of children," he explained.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently recommended that parents use culinary herbs to make salads more appealing, suggesting fennel, black pepper, sea salt and dill.

"Kids are very sensitive to texture, and a lot of the time it's the texture rather than the flavour that's putting them off," the father of four advised

"So try different things - cooked, raw, chopped, whole - they might surprise you."

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