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Guests spend more on BBQ food than hosts

Guests now spend more than their hosts at BBQs

Brits are in the habit of taking a bottle of wine when visiting a friend's house to sample some creative cuisine, but new research suggests that those attending barbecues are now expected to bring much more.

In fact, a survey by Pimms found that guests at the average barbecue now spend more on food and drink than their hosts.

The poll, which was reported by the Daily Mail, revealed that hosts typically spend £12.56 per guest, while guests can expect to fork out an average of £22.68.

Liz Wyse, a spokeswoman for etiquette authority Debrett's, told the newspaper that austerity measures seem to be undermining the "great and long-established traditions of English hospitality".

One technique that guests can use to save money is to marinade their own meat, rather than buying pricier pre-marinated products.

The Irish Independent has published a number of tasty recipes for home-made marinades and spice blends, including one for Greek lemony chicken.

According to the newspaper, chicken pieces should be marinated for between 20 minutes and four hours in the juice of four lemons, 4tbls of olive oil, 2tbls of brandy, two crushed garlic cloves, 2tsp of ground cumin, 2tsp of dried oregano and 1tsp of ground cinnamon.

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