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Fearnley Whittingstall shares sage obsession

Celebrity chef Fearnley Whittingstall describes sage as the most British of herbs

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has revealed he has a soft spot for sage, listing his top recipes for the culinary herb.

In his Guardian article, the celebrity chef describes sage as "the most British of herbs", saying it is alluring, with a lingering depth of flavour.

He urges home cooks to try his green beans with sage and pancetta recipe, which requires a pan of salted water to be brought to a boil and green beans to be cooked until al dente.

Meanwhile, chefs should pan-fry some pancetta, add shredded sage leaves, followed by the beans and season with salt and ground black pepper.

Additionally, cooks may want to try his pasta with brown butter, sage and capers recipe, starting with boiling pasta, frying up the brown butter, adding sage leaves and lemon juice, before tipping in the pasta and adding in some cheese and pepper.

"So, grow some, chop some, cook some, eat some - I hope you'll do all you can to increase their pervading presence," he commented.

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