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Cardamom guaranteed to get an extreme reaction

Cardamom can be used in a range of cakes and desserts

Cardamom is one of those culinary spices that always gets an extreme reaction, according to food expert Monica Bhide.

Writing in the Detroit News, Ms Bhide revealed: "People either love it or want nothing to do with this aromatic and intense spice.

"The whole spice - the green cardamom - looks like a small pod and has small black seeds inside; both pod and seeds are edible.

"Fragrant black cardamom has a pungent, almost smoky flavour and is used whole to season dishes, then removed before serving."

Ms Bhide suggests making a pistachio cardamom cake using a recipe from David Lebovitz's 'Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes'.

The recipe requires pistachios, flour, cardamom seeds, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder and salt, and produces a nine-inch cake - enough for 12 people.

Ingredients for the topping include butter, sugar and almonds.

Other possible uses for cardamom include mango and cardamom syllabub or, for those who prefer savoury to sweet, garlic chicken with cardamom rice.

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