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Try a classic kiev with a twist from an award show

Scotch eggs made with fennel can be used as a side dish

When looking for new flavour ideas to create a distinctive recipe, caterers could look to television programmes for inspiration.

This may not necessarily have to be the obvious celebrity chef shows, as a competition was recently broadcast on ITV1 entitled Best Dish: The Chefs.

Judging at this kind of event is one of the key inspirations for McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve and other professionals could follow his lead when such programmes are televised.

One such recipe that could be worth trying is a classic kiev dish served with a twist, which was prepared by chef and co-owner of The British Larder in Suffolk Ross Pike and was awarded second place.

Pheasant was the recommended meat, in addition to the culinary herbs garlic and parsley.

Those who enjoy cooking with thyme will appreciate Mr Pike's instructions for marinating the bird and Scotch eggs made with fennel were the suggested side serving.

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