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Showcase Thai cuisine with fishcakes

Fishcakes can be infused with different flavours

Preparing traditional recipes with a twist is one way in which chefs can demonstrate their flair with culinary herbs.

This can also be used as a springboard of ideas in order to showcase the culinary traditions of other cultures.

For instance, Angela Hartnett recently shared a Thai fishcake recipe from her A Taste of Home Cookbook in the Guardian.

All the ingredients can be blended together in a food processor, kneaded into shape and shallow-fried until they turn golden-brown.

Honey, ketchup, onion and vinegar are brought to the boil in a pan, with chopped mint and coriander added when cooling to make a dip to serve the meal with.

Chefs could come up with their own ideas by researching other cultures in detail, as Yaya cuisine from the south of Thailand is distinguished from the more commonly tasted food of the Malay Nyonya tradition as being spicier and less sweet.

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