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Chefs could take inspiration from Japanese dishes

Ginger could flavour pork dumplings

Caterers looking for new flavour ideas could take inspiration from the culinary traditions of other cultures.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says researching other countries food habits can provide some great ideas.

One possible dish to try could be a form of Japanese dumplings called gyoza, which celebrity chef Nigel Slater recommended in an article for the Observer.

"Originating in China, they have been slowly increasing in popularity and I suspect 2012 may finally be the gyoza's year," he explained, suggesting the meal could be a big hit with diners.

Preparation involves frying the meat - pork or chicken is recommended, or a vegetarian alternative - with garlic and ginger.

The ingredients are then transferred to individual gyoza wrappers, before frying and then boiling at a low temperature.

Slater's final serving suggestion was to provide a range of dips so the diners could have a variety of flavour options when presented with a platter of the dumplings.

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