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World foods changing British palette

World foods changing British palette

The rise in popularity of foreign food is changing the British palette as people buy spicier, more flavoursome ingredients and take to the kitchen with a sense of adventure.

It seems people feel confident cooking food from any region - be it Spain or south-east Asia.

It is not uncommon to find Blackened Cajun Seasoning and Crushed Chillies alongside more traditional herbs and spices like Ground Nutmeg and Ground Black Pepper.

People are even stocking their kitchens with a larger array of spices and condiments as they strive to achieve that authentic flavour.

But despite the new found love of foreign food that has taken hold of Britain, old classics like the traditional Sunday roast remain popular.

In fact, last week was Chip Week and chefs up and down the country were being encouraged to prepare their most inspirational recipes that incorporate roast potatoes to commemorate the event.

Even the humble roast potato can be given an international twist with the right herbs and spices, however, and one of the recommended recipes put forward during Chip Week was for spicy seventies potato wedges with a cooling avocado dip.

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