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Serve roast potatoes for Chip Week

Chips are being celebrated in a national scheme

There are always seasonal promotions that chefs can take advantage of and use as a springboard to promote inspirational recipes.

Chip Week 2012 is one such scheme that is currently underway and runs until February 26th.

So why not make the most of the initiative and do something really unusual, creative and fun with the national staple?

Seventies Spicy Wedges with Avocado Dip is one such recommendation, which is described as a retro classic and a great alternative to canapes.

Preparation involves tossing sliced potatoes in culinary spices such as ground coriander and ground ginger.

While these are being roasted, a dip is made with chilli powder, lime juice and mashed avocados, keeping the skins to serve the dish in.

The best thing about this kind of recipe is that there is a great deal of room for experimentation, with new flavour pairings made possible for those who wish to try new combinations of herbs and spices.

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