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Serve breakfast dishes with a twist of Asian spices

Chinese food could be a source of inspiration for chefs

Caterers could mix up their menu by offering breakfast options for daytime diners who may be late risers.

This could be a popular option for students and regardless of the clientele, it opens up the possibility of introducing new and unusual recipes.

There would be no need to stick to traditional British greasy spoon options, or even a continental breakfast, such as croissants.

Chefs could look further afield and take inspiration from the far east in order to present diners with something they have never sampled, keeping them coming back for more.

Food writer Fuchsia Dunlop - whose forthcoming book Every Grain of Rice is to be published later this year - recommended a Chinese breakfast of pearly chicken parcels in an article for the Guardian.

This is a mixture of chicken, mushrooms and dried shrimp presented in a wrapping of fragrant lotus-leaf parcels, which require steaming and can include culinary spices such as ginger, making a wide range of flavourings possible with the same method of preparation.

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