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Inclusive gourmet meals could be in demand

Gourmet meals can be combined in several courses

Chefs looking for new ways of presenting their proudest adventurous recipe creations may wish to ramp up their gourmet offerings.

Restaurant review site Square Meal suggested these could be in high demand in 2012, noting many London restaurants have started offering all-in options.

Several courses are included in set menus as a result of this trend, which is attributed to people looking to tighten their belts in the current economic climate.

For instance, Marcus Wareing presents diners with a choice of two or three course menus for £38 or £50 each, with two glasses of wine included.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says unlocking new ideas and playing with dishes that aren't quite right is one of his key inspirations.

Offering guests set menus of several courses could give caterers increased scope for experimentation with new flavour pairings.

Do you have any meals that could be better served alongside another course?

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