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Herbs can be used to create vegetarian winter comfort food

Bring vegetarian options to life with herbs and spices

When thinking about what winter comfort food options to incorporate into their menu, caterers may be advised to include a vegetarian option.

Those who wish to do this might wish to consider planning new combinations of culinary herbs to really bring new flavours to a dish.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says slow cooking is a good solution for this kind of meal, as it allows the flavours a chance to infuse over several hours.

Nigel Slater recommended lentil and spinach cottage pie in an article for the Guardian, which may appeal to those who enjoy cooking with thyme.

Preparation involved cooking carrot, celery and diced onion in a casserole dish before adding bay leaves, thyme and garlic.

After adding mashed potatoes, spinach and leaves are introduced to the pan, with the celebrity chef's final suggestion being to bake the mixture until the edges of the surface start to bubble and brown.

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