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Chefs use comfort reminders in food

Chefs can create meals that offer a range of emotional responses

A chef's use of different flavour pairings can have a wide range of effects on the mood of their diners.

John Prescott, associate professor of psychology at Newcastle University in Australia, says many professionals put comfort reminders into their offerings.

This can create a nostalgic sensation that might be reminiscent of the kinds of food their parents might have served them when they were children.

Mr Prescott claimed this can be achieved in such a way that the person eating the meal can recognise the mood, but still feels they are getting something completely new.

"Very many chefs try to do this in a deeply ironic fashion, so that they really making mothers cooking but doing it in some extremely creative way," he remarked.

Culinary herbs could be used to foster this response, as Nigel Slater recently suggested the use of thyme for a vegetarian cottage pie in an article for the Guardian. 

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