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Use cinnamon with lamb this winter

Use cinnamon with lamb this winter

Hearty food really works well at this time of year, with the festive cheer and cold weather offering a perfect reason to go for filling meat-based dishes.

Braised neck of lamb can be a particularly tasty option and chef Nigel Slater has just suggested one way in which it can be made even more lively.

Writing in the Guardian, he has proposed adding apricots and cinnamon, with the fruit and spice being thrown into the mix while the meat is cooking.

When lamb is done to perfection, it should be tender rather than tough. While it works well at any time of year, the apricots and cinnamon can really help to add a bit of a festive flavour, so why not consider having a go at it in your kitchen over the next few weeks?

"Tucked up in a pan with spices and onions for a few hours and it all breaks down into a soft, spoonable delight that makes for a luxurious supper," Slater commented.

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