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Spicy curries a great way to beat off colds chef says

Spicy curries a great way to beat off colds chef says

The festive season often coincides with a rise in the number of coughs and sneezes as people meet up and unwittingly spread germs.

However, cooking up a curry full of culinary spices could help to boost immune systems and allow diners to enjoy a hearty meal that also lifts their spirits on a cold day.

Chef and co-owner of Simply Indian in Wadhurst Jamal Rahman said he always cooks dishes like Jalfrezi, Dansak and Madras when he is feeling a little under the weather, as their ingredients can have a medicinal effect on the body.

He pointed out that chili stimulates an immune response and assists the respiratory system, turmeric relieves congestion and ginger helps to stave off infections - but they also happen to be delicious.

Mr Rahman particularly recommended making Bengali mustard fish cooked with with mustard, cumin and fennel seeds as a twist on a traditional curry.

His opinion on fish curry seems to be shared by celebrity chef Nigel Slater, who recently recommended cooking one up for New Year's Eve.

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