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German Christmas recipes get people in the festive mood

German Christmas recipes get people in the festive mood

There is something about Christmas that brings out the cook in everyone, as people gorge on any number of wonderfully rich treats.

Nothing is quite as festive at this time of year as traditional German treats, as evidenced by the great number of German Christmas markets all over the country.

So why not take inspiration from this with your Christmas menu over the holiday season?

Ditsch's UK managing director Raz Nehushtan told the Telegraph why people enjoy such treats at this time of year: "There are a lot of proper German bakers living in London. I know of at least three chains of German bakeries and and I simply think it's something about the taste. They are delicious products."

Using a plethora of different culinary spices is sure to make a great impact on any dish you create in the coming weeks.

The innovative nature of spices is something that our resident expert Chef Steve truly admires.

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