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Bring a personal twist to Christmas meals with herbs

Soup is a classic starter

At the height of the festive season, restaurants up and down the country will be serving up traditional Christmas meals.

However, professional caterers have a great deal of scope for stamping their own mark on the old favourite.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater acknowledged the fact that the usual option is hugely popular, but he recommended adding a personal touch.

In an article for the Observer, he suggested a tantalising starter of artichoke and parsley soup with scallops.

Parsley was not the only culinary herb he threw in the recipe, as bay leaves are also a key ingredient.

Slater claimed that: "So naturally velvety and smooth is a well-blended artichoke soup that cream seems superfluous."

However, chefs do not need to follow his advice to the letter - why not come up with alternative starter options of your own?

By experimenting with different combinations of herbs and spices, you'd be amazed at what you can come up with.

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