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Stuff baked potatoes with herbs and spices

Potatoes can be stuffed with extra ingredients partway through baking

One inspirational recipe for baked potatoes could involve stuffing them with a chorizo and egg mixture, which professional chef Diana Henry recommended in the Daily Telegraph.

Preparation involved sprinkling potatoes with salt in order to give them a crisp skin when they are baking.

Chorizo, onion and pepper are fried together in a pan with olive oil, adding chilli and garlic to the mixture when the vegetables have turned soft and golden.

When the potatoes are ready, they are cut open and a small portion of the flesh is scooped out and mashed together with the other ingredients and an extra helping of coriander.

This is returned to the potato and egg - broken into a cup - is also poured in, before cooking in the oven for a further ten minutes.

Ms Henry's final serving suggestion was to sprinkle with paprika prior to dishing out.

Alternatively, culinary herbs can be used to curry potatoes with fried eggs, which celebrity chef Bill Granger called "the perfect fridge-ends fricassee" in the Independent.

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