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Should we spend more time eating

Does Europe have a better food culture than the UK

Chefs who spend a great deal of time preparing adventurous recipes may be faintly disheartened when their artful creations are wolfed down in no time by their diners.

Spokesman for the National Obesity Forum Tam Fry said he thinks many countries in Europe have a much better food culture than the UK does.

The French are said to dedicate between one and two hours to eating their lunch - particularly in rural areas.

This certainly allows for a more relaxed meal than most Brits take the time for and Mr Fry said this is could be due to the milder climate enjoyed on the continent.

"It's pretty hot and you might like to take a more leisurely lunch," he explained.

"But they have a different food culture," he remarked, suggesting the differences are deeper-rooted than an attitude that changes with the weather.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says researching other culinary cultures is one of his key professional inspirations, along with trying new dishes and experimenting with recipes that could be improved.

Does this inspire your cooking? And could the UK benefit from more time spent with food?

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