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Serve guests little treats at Christmas

Sweets with edible wrappers could make a great treat for guests

A chef's championing of adventurous recipes does not necessarily have to be restricted to three main courses.

This is particularly true at Christmas time, when people may appreciate an extra treat that little bit more.

So why not prepare something a little different from a complimentary mint for when the waiter takes the bill to a table of diners?

Heston Blumenthal suggested a recipe for salted butter caramels wrapped in edible cellophane that could be ideally suited for this purpose.

Alternatively, larger quantities could be offered as a desert option, as McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve admits a traditional Christmas pudding can be a particularly heavy option.

Either way, your restaurant may be given a unique touch in the eyes of guests that could distinguish it from competitors.

The wrappers for Blumenthal's sweets were made by heating a single drop of glycerine and five grams of gelatine in a pan of water, before stirring and adding small quantities of the mixture to a Petri dish and leaving in a warm place until they dry.

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